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Jan. 6th, 2005 03:11 pm
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Guess what? I'm addicted to Project Runway on Bravo. Does anyone else watch this? I set it to record last night since it's on during Alias, and there was no way S would let me have the tv as long as they conflict. Only it didn't record for some reason, so I stayed up for the reshowing they showed at, like, 11. So I'm tired. But it was worth it. I love that show. I didn't think I would, but I totally do. And I want Jay for my best friend.

Guess what? I called my sister (The Teenager) to plan for my dad's birthday this weekend, and I was all, "Guess what? I got a new bird!" And she was all, "Oh, cool! I can't wait to see him! I bet he's so cute.[She has always had birds too. We are a bird family. Is that weird?] What did you name him?" And I was all, "Basil!" And she was all, " already had a bird named Basil."

Yeah, I didn't remember that. Does that make me a bad owner? Are they going to take Basil pt II away from me because I recycled a name?

I did not at all remember that I had a bird named Basil, but now it's coming back to me, and I think I was a teenager at the time, so there's really no excuse for forgetting a pet's name. I suck. I hope Basil I forgives me.

On the other hand, it gives me an excuse to rename Basil, because he is looking less and less like a Basil the more I know him. This better not happen when I have children. "No, wait! I changed my mind! Her name isn't Janie Jr! What do you mean it's too late? Gimme back that birth certificate!" Or worse--"Um, honey? Remember how we already have a daughter named Janie Jr?"
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Yeah, my dx is so going to suffer now. More than it already does. At last I can detail all the random blithering that flows through my head, and not feel guilty about wasting an entire journal entry, or any part thereof. LJ seems like it was made for non sequiturs. My only problem will be pacing myself.

I'm still feeling guilty because yesterday I inadvertently punished my bird. I have this pretty little cockatiel named Nigel, he's really feisty and mean and he hates me. Anyway, I feed him twice a day, and yesterday morning I freshened up his food, but apparently instead of sticking the tray back in his cage, I left it on top instead. Like, right over his head. The tray is clear plastic, so basically, not only could he smell the food, but he could see it too. How cruel is that? I ask you.

S said when he came home, Nigel immediately started bitching at him. He has this very particular screeching he does when he's mad. He caught S's attention and started climbing the bars of the cage, practically upside down, pecking at the tray through the bars.

S thought it was pretty damn funny. I'm still doing penance.


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