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Does anyone know why I'm not getting a notification when someone replies to one of my replies? My LJ messages show when someone replies to one of my own posts, and it used to show me when you guys replied to one of my replies on your posts, but now it doesn't. And sometimes I think, 'I wonder why they haven't responded to that,' but I think about it three days later, and of course, you guys did reply, but it was three days ago.

It's very annoying. It wouldn't annoy me so much if it had never done it, but it did and now it stopped. Stoopid LJ.

We had Small Anne's birthday party today. We had to cancel last weekend because not only was the weather heinous, but I had a monster head cold. But today it went off without a hitch. We had great pizza and a good cake (made by yours truly) and Small Anne enjoyed herself. She had no idea what was going on, of course, but she got cake and presents, so it was all okay by her.

Those 3-6" inches of snow they've been harping about ALL WEEK have not materialized. Damn them for getting my hopes up.

TV = love

Mar. 12th, 2006 10:31 pm
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The West Wing )

And, belatedly, Project Runway finale )
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One wintry Colorado day, I was working with my best friend at the library. It started to snow--and snow HARD; a nice Rocky Mountain blast--and people stopped coming in. So it was just the two of us, reveling in the cold and the white, and I started dancing around singing, "It's raining, it's snowing," only it came out, "It's raining, it's snoring," and we've called it 'snoring' ever since.

It's snoring here. And it is be-yew-ti-ful.
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We are having a Food Day today. I think I talked about this once in my d-x, how much I love them, but suffice to say...This looks like a good one. Much yummy, fattening food currently on display. My cheese dip is simmering, simmering, journeying its way to its final conclusion of gooey cheesiness that will just beg for tortilla chips. There are 3 pans of enchiladas. Guacamole. 7-layer dip. Lots of chips. Cupcakes. A couple cakes. It is g-l-orious. And more is on the way.

I have been trying to eat better lately, and I have been riding at least 6 miles on my exercise bike every night, so of course, now is the time to indulge in comfort food galore. I wore linen pants today, just for the occasion.

When we had Food Days at WCom, we were all in the office by 8, so eating would commence promptly at 8. We had awesome Food Days at WCom. I can still taste the chorizo Charlotte would bring. Mmm...

In other news--I didn't get to see 'Scrubs' last night. Why, you ask? BECAUSE OF TORNADOES. )
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Sunny outside and we are due for 70 degrees today. Yeeehaw! Bring it on, spring!

I plan to enjoy spring while it lasts, since we only get about four weeks of it in these-here parts.

How adorable was Hugh on 'Inside the Actors Studio' last night? Awww...I vote Hugh for "Greatest Guy in Hollywood." I could not stop raving to S about how he just seemed so genuinely nice. I'm not one of those girls who doesn't like nice guys; I love 'em. And Hugh Jackman seems so happy and kind and just plain nice. And HOT. Thank God he ditched the Lorenzo Lamas 'do.

And how about those two girls he brought up on stage with him? Don't you know they'll be telling their stories for years, just like someone else we know, not that I'm naming any names, but her initials are Em Meredith.


Awww...Hugh. He is so hot. Who's got a nice Hugh icon? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Janie (who has shaken hands with Roddy Doyle, Michael Moore, Joseph Fiennes, and the two Other Guys from Coldplay)


Feb. 4th, 2004 02:40 pm
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I get to go home at 4 today!!! Sometimes I just love living in a wussy climate where everyone panics at a few inches of snow and supervisors feel so bad about the crazy drivers that they let everyone leave early.
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Once, when my best friend Annie and I were snowbound at the library with no patrons to hinder us, I danced around trying to make up a new version of "It's raining, it's pouring", only it came out, "It's raining, it's snoring". I think I got ahead of myself.

Anyway, it's snoring outside!

It is glorious. I love it. I'm sorry. I do. Maybe it comes from spending the first 18+ years of my life in Alaska and Colorado. Maybe it's just that I'm twisted like that. But it looks gorgeous outside.

Only this means tomorrow it will be icy, and that's very, very bad. Stupid Oklahoma weather.


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