Mar. 21st, 2005 05:47 pm
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I just finished the latest Inspector Lynley.

She killed off one of my favorite characters.

My heart is broken. I almost cried right here at work. Why, Elizabeth George, WHY???????

::drops to knees, screams at the heavens, etc::

So pretty.

Mar. 18th, 2005 09:51 am
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The new Inspector Lynley came yesterday. I love Amazon and want to have its babies.

A new Inspector Lynley, all for my very own! All hardback and pretty and just published and mine mine mine myyyyyyy preciousssssss.

::clutches book to chest, darts eyes around, scurries into a dark corner::

Myyyyy precioussssssss.

::pets book::
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We are back to having nothing to do all day. It's almost 11 and I can't expect any more work before at least 1. Then I'll have it all done within 30 minutes and be stuck again till 4.

This is excruciating.

I brought the latest Inspector Lynley I'm reading (I've read the first 8 in a month; I rule!) and it's good, and I really shouldn't feel guilty reading when there is NOTHING ELSE FOR ME TO DO, but I do.

S converted me into a 'Kill Bill' fan over the weekend. I didn't see the first one with him, because I had absolutely no interest in it. I like Quentin Tarantino and everything, but the previews looked so unappealing. But S ended up buying it over the weekend, and I felt it was only fair to at least give it a chance.

Well, I was hooked within, like, two minutes. I loved it! We saw Vol. 2 Saturday night. I liked both parts equally, for different reasons. And I am officially an Uma Thurman fan now. I kinda sorta liked her before, but she kicked so much ass as the Bride.

Anyway, since I acquiesced to 'Kill Bill,' S has agreed to go with me to see '13 Going On 30.' I'm not sure this is much of a sacrifice for him, though, seeing as he was an 'Alias' fan before me, and I'm pretty sure Jennifer Garner is his secret girlfriend.

S also bought me the best of the Moody Blues and a compilation of the Who, so I am making my classic rock-loving dad proud today by rocking like it's 1973.


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