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I can't wean myself from the bullet points.

  • First things first: Tomorrow is Towel Day. At least carry a mental towel around with you, and remember fondly that hoopiest frood of them all, Douglas Adams.

  • The weekend was good. S's grandparents flew into town for his youngest brother's graduation, and they (gparents) spent the weekend spoiling us at our favorite restaurants, and generally kissing us to pieces and praising us to the skies. I really love his grandparents, almost as much as I love my own. I have wonderful grandparents, but the Snippet's grandparents are, like, the most grandparent-y grandparents I've ever been around. They think I am the greatest thing ever to happen to the Snippet.

    His grandpa is the cutest thing ever; he actually has a twinkle in his eye, and he is always teasing S's grandma: "Hey there, pretty little thing. Do I know you? I'd sure like to." It is totally adorable. They've been married 50 years next month.

  • The Snippet was sunburned so badly on his shoulders that it's turned into blisters. It is, quite frankly, really gross to look at. Ask me why I felt the need to share that.

  • I read George Burns's biography about his wife, Gracie Allen. It is a very sweet book; I read it ages ago, when I was a teenager, and I loved it. It's even better now for some reason. I also finally--FINALLY--found a copy of Paul Wellstone's 'The Conscience of a Liberal.' Huzzah! I can't wait to start it.

  • I found old copies of 'Bridge to Terabithia,' 'Mrs Frisby and the Rats of Nimh,' 'Jacob Have I Loved,' 'The Egypt Game,' and 'Five Little Peppers Midway.' Motherlode!

  • I have decided that Heaven is filled with books and comfy chairs to read in.

  • Nothing on the job front. Won't someone pay me to stay at home? I love it, and I'm really, really good at it. Supervisor material, even.
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  • Who rocks? Em rocks! For making me this Christian Bale as Batman icon, purely out of the goodness of her own Christian Bale-loving heart. :)

  • My mom's best friend's daughter, who I grew up with, just called and we were chit-chatting about things, and she mentioned looking for a day care for her son, and I volunteered to watch him a few days a week, at least until something pans out with a job. It's not certain she'll take me up on it, but I'd be glad if she did. She has one of the cutest, calmest babies ever, and it would be something to keep me occupied.

  • I am getting way too comfortable with this not-working thing. If I didn't have constant pangs of "I'm not making any money doing this" guilt, I'd be perfectly happy.

  • Oxygen shows two episodes of Neighbours every afternoon, and I think I'm becoming addicted. The episodes are from 1999-2000 so far, so I'm years behind, but it is my new guilty pleasure. Those accents are pleasant to my ear. I have no interest in the rich and glamorous lives of the beautiful people in American soaps, but give me a bunch of working-class Melbourne neighbours, and I'm hooked.

    So far no one has died and come back as their evil twin, the couples seem to have been together for years, and no one is named Brooke, Bolt, Ashley, or Drucilla.

  • I think it's going to rain today. This makes me happy.

  • Now that I'm not working and interacting with at least twenty other people on a daily basis, I have become a much less interesting person. I did not think this was possible.
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    I just got laid off.

    Will update more soon.



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