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I heard about this years ago, but nothing ever came of it, so I was hoping nothing ever would. But now...

From imdb today:

Meg Ryan, Annette Bening, Eva Mendes, Jada Pinkett Smith, Debra Messing and Candice Bergen are teaming up for a remake of the 1939 classic 'The Women.' The cast members, who have either signed up for the movie or are on the verge of doing so, will be directed by Diane English, who has spent more than 10 years trying to get the project off the ground. Despite its all-star cast, 'The Women' has a budget of less than $20 million, reports Daily Variety. The 1939 original was directed by George Cukor and starred Norma Shearer and Joan Crawford.

It's not that I don't like some of those actors (although--Eva Mendes? Really?). But the thought of remaking 'The Women' is physically painful for me to contemplate. How can they hope to touch the delicious, wicked, clever cattiness of the original? I'm not against remakes necessarily, but I just think when it comes to the true classics, it should not be attempted.
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Yesterday was Greta Garbo's birthday, so I watched some of the stuff the Turner Classics channel had on, including 3 documentaries. Now I must add her to the list of old film stars I am fascinated by.

One thing I thought was really funny was that during Garbo's relationship with John Gilbert, when they starred in several films together, the press sometimes referred to them as "Gilbo." Ha! Sixty-something years before Bennifer and Brangelina. I should've known there's nothing new under the sun.

I haven't watched the Studio 60 premiere yet. ::gasp:: Last night I was too tired, and today I'm waiting because S wants to watch it with me. (I know, such willpower!) I've looked at the recorded shows several times today, and I must--fight--the--urge to watch. If it didn't clearly mark the show as viewed, I would've broken down long ago.
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Nicked from [livejournal.com profile] alto2: the comedy meme.

Favourite Joke: Two nuns are driving down a dark road in Transylvania. Suddenly a vampire leaps out in front of the car and they skid to a stop. The first nun says, "Quick, show him your cross!" The second nun rolls down the window, pokes her head out and shouts, "GET OUT OF THE WAY, YOU TOOTHY GIT!"

I don't know if that's really my favorite, but it reminds me of The Vicar of Dibley, and it was really the only one I could think of.

Three Favourite Comedy/Comic Movies:

Raising Arizona
Groundhog Day
The Ref

No question. Didn't even have to think about it.

Favourite Comedy TV series: I couldn't possibly choose between The Vicar of Dibley, Coupling, and Scrubs. It would be too close to call. I love them all equally.

My sister and I went to the movies yesterday. We almost saw Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man, because the thought of Leonard Cohen, Beth Orton, and Nick Cave all together in one film was almost too much for me to pass up, but in the end I figured my sister wouldn't enjoy it nearly as much as I would. So we saw Little Miss Sunshine. I have no words adequate enough to describe how much we loved this movie. Anything I say would fall miserably short of the mark, so all I'll say was that it was the closest thing to perfect--at least, my idea of perfect--I have seen in quite a while, and we loved pretty much every second. I highly, highly recommend it. So much love!
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...put on a happy face.

Well, things are looking up! I haven't been around much lately; I've been a bit overwhelmed with life in general. But [livejournal.com profile] lazlar and [livejournal.com profile] zandras_court have helped me over the worst of it, [livejournal.com profile] kelbelle's sent me an email of awesomeness, we FINALLY got our electrical problem fixed FOR FREE!!!, in less than a month I'll get to spend some time with [livejournal.com profile] mcsister and [livejournal.com profile] austin360, and S has promised me fabulous presents to make up for the fact that he'll be gone on my birthday. Wheee!!!

Also, Small Anne has taken two naps today. That may be the best thing of all. It's a close call.

I'm a little worried about S traveling to California so soon after all this terrorism brouhaha, but I'm not going to let it freak me out.

On the whole, things are definitely looking up.

PS. Is anyone else watching Life on Mars on BBCAmerica? OMG, SO good!!! Well, British detectives, what's not to love? But it's really great.

PPS. Did anyone watch the re-telling of Much Ado About Nothing with Damian Lewis? I was a little 'meh' about it. Damian was v cute, but it was sort of disappointing. Though I did like the way they ended the Hero/Claudio plot, as I always thought Claudio was a tool and didn't deserve to win Hero back.

I can't wait to see what they do with Macbeth next.

PPPS. Seriously, Life on Mars: SOGOOD.
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Has anyone else seen Birth? I watched it today and it was one of those films that is sticking with me. I can't stop thinking about it. It was so subtle. The dialogue was so simple, the music was gorgeous, and the story was refreshingly unique (I sound so pompous, don't I? Hee). I thought it was incredibly good. But I wondered if anyone else has seen it so that I can get another opinion on how it ended?

I'm still on my mission to watch the classics whenever they're on. I couldn't get into I Remember Mama (I think it was the fake Norwegian accents), but I loved Mrs Miniver. I tried to watch Belle de Jour tonight, but I think it went over my head. Despite my rabid love of foreign films, I often find this trouble with the French ones (apart from Amelie); I think their innate French-ness is a little beyond me. It makes me feel stoopid and unsophisticated, but there you have it.

However, even I could appreciate the sheer gorgeousness of Catherine Deneuve.

Coming up in the movie queue: Out of Africa and The Enchanted Cottage. We've also got all the Sharpe's... movies waiting. Mmm... Sean Bean...
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I watched AFI's 100 Years, 100 Cheers thing tonight. I am such a sucker for those things. Was v, v amused at the volume of Gary Cooper and Sidney Poitier movies on the list. Seriously, I think they each had, like, ten. But as they are both awesome, I was okay with this.

I feel slightly guilty calling Sidney Poitier 'awesome.' That seems a bit disrespectful somehow.

Gary Cooper was dishy.

That seems disrespectful, too.

S predicted To Kill a Mockingbird as #1, and I predicted It's a Wonderful Life. Go, me! I was happy with them both being the top two. Two lines guaranteed to make me cry every time I hear them: "Miss Jean Louise. Miss Jean Louise, stand up. Your father's passin'," and "A toast--to my big brother George, the richest man in town."
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A Yahoo! trailer for Clerks 2: here. I doubt it will match the genius of the first, but I will definitely see it.

The trailer is worth checking out if only for the utter brilliance somewhere around the 1:40 mark, which made me love Jason Mewes even more than I already do. I have watched that bit about 50 times already and I laugh my ass off every time.

Also, there is a glimpse of Marshall being a LotR geek. *g*
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Ever since watching The Women a few weeks ago, I've been on a real old movies kick. I search through the Turner Classics channel religiously and I set the DVR to record anything that catches my eye particularly: things I haven't seen in a while, or things I know I should see, or just anything that catches my fancy. I've caught some great movies lately--Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House, The Bishop's Wife, How to Marry a Millionaire, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, We're No Angels. I am enjoying myself hugely. I love, love, love old movies.

Anyway, I finally saw The Thin Man, and I feel compelled to ask myself: Nick and Nora, where have you been all my life?!?! I've always heard how great TTM is, and many people have told me I would love it, but somehow I just never got around to seeing it, and now I'm kicking myself for waiting so long. I am in love with Nick and Nora. They are so sophisticated and saucy and witty and fun.

As for Gilmore Girls, )

Now I'm off to watch my DVR'd ANTM...WHO will be eliminated NEXT? (tm Tyra)
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Brokeback Mountain, as told by the Bunnies.

Of course, it seems to totally give away key elements of plot progression and, you know, THE ENDING, but still: Funny.

Guess I don't have to see the movie now. Hee.


Nov. 16th, 2005 11:52 pm
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Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman in a movie together? I don't know if my heart can take the strain.

One thing I do know--It's definitely not a movie I should see with my husband. I need girls to squee with. Who'll join me? [livejournal.com profile] em_meredith, surely you're with me? *g*

ETA: And it's set in turn-of-the-century London, which means PeriodCostume!ChristianandHugh. Plus--London!
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The FX channel is showing X-Men. I haven't seen this in ages.

And yet I remember so much. Hee.


Sep. 30th, 2005 01:36 pm
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Just got back from seeing Serenity. S was insistent that we see the very first showing today. I was willing to wait till the evening, but he was adamant. He is such a huge Firefly fan, and I think I've mentioned that after buying him the DVDs one Christmas, he got me hooked too. So I was very excited about this one.

Here be spoilers. Very big ones. )
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Crazy day. Fridays aren't supposed to be like this. I protest.

We might go see 'Sin City' this weekend. I hadn't caught any previews until recently. S kept asking me if I'd seen any, because he reeeaaallllllly wants to see it (Based on a comic book? Check!). He tried to tell me what it was about, and then he was all, "Bruce Willis is in it, and...that guy from 'King Arthur'?" ::ding!:: "Clive Owen? I'm in!" I'm so shameless.

Finally saw a trailer, though, and it looks kind of awesome. Hope it doesn't disappoint. And there had better be plenty of Clive to make up for Her Poutiness, Jessica Alba. Yich.

Happy April Fool's Day!

This may be my most pointless post ever. And there's stiff competition out there.
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"It's still just once a year, isn't it?"


Happy Groundhog Day!

I was intending to call my parents' house and leave a message singing, "I Got You Babe," but they beat me to it. When I got to work, my sister had left me a voicemail, yelling, "It's GROUNDHOG DAY!" just the way the deejays do on the radio in the movie. And when I called back, they were already watching it, and so we quoted it for about five minutes ("Well, what if there IS no tomorrow? There wasn't one today!") and laughed like it was the first time we'd traded quotes from that movie, instead of the bazillionth.

My family are dorks. I love that.

PS. Can anyone make me an icon with this picture, and put the words, "Don't mess with me, porkchop." on it? I can send the original picture if it would help.
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Stealing from abso-bloody-lutely everyone! And I think I posted, “Dammit, I knew these!” in several journals, because I knew so many off of everyone’s, and now I resent everyone for beating me to them. Hee.

Movie Meme
[a] Pick one dozen movies that are ones that you have special feelings about.
[b] Pick a few lines of dialogue.
[c] As people guess the film, strike out that entry.
[d] After the film is guessed, explain why that movie made the list.

And away we go... )

I hope people play along. Mostly I think they're pretty easy, but I'm excited to see what everyone comes up with. *g*
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We are going out for dinner with friends tonight, and then to see 'King Arthur.' I love the Arthurian legend, and of course, anything set in England is given a chance, but I must confess a great deal of what draws me is the idea of Clive Owen and Ioan Gruffudd. Together. In one movie. Be still, my heart.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Next Monday I join you in the land of the employed :)

PS. Who else loves my lovely new icon? That is my favorit Col. Brandon moment from the movie. I swoon every time.
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My aunt just told me that my cousin will be marching in the Ft. Meade(e?) color guard in the procession for Reagan's funeral. That's pretty cool, and apparently is going to look great on his resume.

* * *

We saw Prisoner of Azkaban Friday night, and I'll try not to repeat everyone else's comments here, but...LOVED IT. I think it was a beautiful film and really, really well-done. I think Cuaron had a perfect vision for it, and it matched pretty well what I had in my head. [livejournal.com profile] austin360 summed up the few gripes I had with the film, but overall, I am totally in love with it. Definitely my new favorite of the three, and now of course, I am DYING to see Mike Newell's take on 'Goblet of Fire.' World Quidditch Cup! Mad-Eye Moody! Madame Olympus! The Yule Ball!

Gary Oldman was fantastic, just perfection. But then, he's always perfection. He inhabits a role the way almost no one else can. Whether he's Sid Vicious, Ludwig van Beethoven, Rosencrantz (Guildenstern?), or Sirius Black, he totally fills the role and I forget he's Gary Oldman. Except when I don't, but that's only because I think he is lovely and he has sexy thin lips and I adore him and would have his babies. Totally.

Also, I'll be the odd man out here and say that I also loved David Thewlis as Lupin. I think he's a wonderful actor, and I really liked him in this. I don't think he was Lupin the way Gary Oldman was Sirius, but I did like him very much. But then, I'm biased because I like David Thewlis a lot. And I am so going to re-read After the End this week now.

Needed more Emma Thompson, though I thought they did a good job giving us the Trelawney 'flavor.'

In short: Will definitely see it as many times as possible. Loved the gorgeous scenery, the R/H moments, and all the actors and characters.

Now I am off to whore my resume to the cities of Dallas and Tulsa. Wish me luck!
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Back to NothingToDoAtWork Days. It's really excruciating. No, you can't make me happy. But I am sitting here trying desperately not to fall asleep, and I am not doing so hot at it.

[livejournal.com profile] bella_lulu has inspired me to go home and watch my Irish movies. I'm thinking 'The Commitments' because it is my all-time favorite movie ever, I think, and is so quotable. ("Elvis is not soul." ::slam:: "Elvis. Is God!")

And then maybe 'The Matchmaker', because how cute is Janeane Garofalo, and how much do I want to kiss David O'Hara lots and lots? I still rewind that scene in the pub over and over, when he gets up and warbles the Van Morrison song horribly and then sits down, all smug and pleased with himself. When my sister and I first saw that, we melted. "Awww..." He's just the cutest man in the world. And I still call him the Crazy Irishman, because of 'Braveheart'.

I know I have more Irish films.

I could go for the more serious 'In the Name of the Father', which is phenomenally good, especially because Pete Postlethwaite is wonderful and Daniel Day-Lewis in hideous 70s clothes is actually not a bad thing. Also, my love for Emma Thompson is well-documented. I still get chills during the final courtroom scene, when Gareth shows the "Not to be shown to the defence" note. SUCH a good movie, even though they totally butchered so much of the history.

Or there's 'The Boxer'. ::sigh:: Emily Watson and DDL and their forbidden love in the midst of the Troubles.

"You still have it, Maggie."
"My soul, for what it's worth."

Then there's 'The Secret of Roan Inish', one of the loveliest films ever made, and by John Sayles to boot. I love John Sayles. Such a pretty movie.

I know I'm forgetting some.

I am so bored.

This message has been brought to you by Ebert & Roeper.
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You know what's sad? Someone over the age of 10 who can't name all four of the Beatles. A woman at work was just describing last night's Grammy tribute to someone who didn't watch, and her description went like this: )


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