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They've started 'live monitoring' us at work. Which basically means that at any given moment during the day, they can log into my computer...while I'm working...and watch me...1984, anyone?

So I've been out of commission since last week, and likely will be for a bit longer. And no, there's no actual reason for it, except that they want to micro-manage us within an inch of our lives. There were 70 people in my department at last count, and 10 have quit in the past week, if that gives you an idea how things are going around here.

::waves to everyone:: Big-time congrats to [livejournal.com profile] bella_lulu and [livejournal.com profile] thestickywicket.

(Things are much better on the homefront, by the way.)
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There is this very nice-looking, well-dressed woman here who BATHES HERSELF in perfume. I mean, you know, not literally, but damn close. And she re-douses herself about twice a day. When she walks in first thing in the morning, or after her break, your eyes start watering. I want to tell her--Maybe you couldn't smell your perfume anymore, but trust me, we still can.

Yeah, that's my biggest gripe today.

In other news, my new Song of Obsession du Jour was a free download from iTunes. It's called "Telescope Eyes" by this little group from Texas called Eisley. I have a feeling they might be emo-esque, but I'm an old fogie, so what would I know? Maybe the kids are calling it something else these days.

Anyway, the song is way cool, and I covet the singer's voice. Man, I wish I could sing, but as my pappy would say, I couldn't carry a tune in a bushel basket. This was brought home to me when I was trying to sing "Telescope Eyes" this morning. It wasn't pretty. Small animals were howling. The bitch of it is that I love to sing. So unfair.

Here I go again, posting just to post.
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I'm back at work today.


That's all I have to say.
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T-minus 3.5 hours...

Six o'clock needs to get here already so I can say goodbye to this place for AN ENTIRE WEEK! Somebody asked me to bring the puppito up here to say hello to everyone, and I was all, dream on if you think I'm setting foot near this place until I have to. I get 9 days of peace, and during that time, I plan to forget I even work here.

I also plan to job-hunt. Shhhh!

I spy

Jan. 28th, 2005 09:23 am
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So I come out of my exile, and what happens? I get Spyware! I Googled some song lyrics yesterday, and bam! Pop-ups all over the place. Weird links every time a page had the word 'work' or 'love' or 'DVD,' for example. And then the internet just didn't want to work at all, and it screwed up my whole computer.

This is the second time I've gotten Spyware. They seriously need to work on their IT security.

Anyway, they cleaned my computer up last night--took almost two hours; man that stuff works fast--and here I am. Today. Again.

And it's Friday!

I'm back!

Jan. 27th, 2005 08:55 am
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Good news: They're not dismantling the team, they're keeping us as we are, only under another supervisor. The bad news: I've heard she's difficult to work with. The good news: I'm keeping an open mind.

Anyway, I'm back!

Second, my dad got his first evaluation back from his Comp class. Included in the instructor's comments:

Robert, very nicely done. This is good work and a strong execution of the assignment instructions. I love the diction; I can tell you read. Well done!

::beams proudly::

Also have been recording the 'Murphy Brown' marathon on Nick at Nite. ::pets tapes:: I have totally renewed my love for this show. I watched it as a kid, so there was a lot of good stuff that I didn't understand or appreciate at the time, and now I do.

The Dan Quayle episode was last night. I don't believe I'd ever called him a "motherf***er" until watching it. Certainly not the first time, back when I was ten. Hee.


Dec. 29th, 2004 08:49 am
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Nothing to report. Blah. They're giving us Friday off, so I'm pretty much just counting the hours until then.

You should see this place: There's practically no one here anymore. People are deserting like rats on a sinking ship. Rumor has it the center will be closing in January. ::crosses fingers:: I wouldn't be surprised if that were the case. Nor would I be at all disappointed.

I was thinking of one of my favorite quotes today:

"Some man, him deal with information. And some man deal with the truth. And some man, him deal with magic. Information flow around you, and truth flow right at you, but magic, it flow through you."
--Bob Marley

PS. [livejournal.com profile] mcsister, I stole my idea for my new icon from you. Sincerest form of flattery, I tell ya! :)

PPS. Where is [livejournal.com profile] pookha? I'm still behind; can someone fill me in?
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First day back passed by uneventfully. I think it will all be okay. It actually looks like it will be better to be in this group than my old group. As is usually the case, I build something up in my head, and then it turns out to be not so bad after all.

Suffice it to say, the day went well and I'll cope just fine until something better comes along. It's not ideal, but it's far from the misery I had set myself up for. I feel really lousy, because it seems like all I ever do anymore is whine to you lovely people, and you are always nice enough to be encouraging. Having said that, your encouragement really does cheer me up every time.

Of course, I will be on LJ much less often these days. Stupid internet policy.
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Monday draws nearer and I'm not sure if I'm fully prepared. I have a feeling I'll be busier than I was my last few months there, so frequent updating and reading of the LJ may be a thing of the past. ::sniffs::

Bought some new clothes this weekend, although I think my relative inactivity of the past several weeks has rendered me a tub o'lard. Time to get back on the old stationary bike. We also found a discount book store, and bought 10 more books, and our library subsequently numbers exactly 800. Like a hole in the head, I know, but there's no way we can pass a big-ass sign indicating hardbacks are 80% off, and just drive on by. Please. Ain't gonna happen.

This morning my sister called to tell me her parakeet (the late Toby Ziegler; honest, that was his name) had died. She put my little sister on the phone, and as Little Sis is more attached to Toby, and to my bird Nigel, than even we are, she was in tears. As soon as she got on the phone, she wailed, "Janie, Toby DIED today! Is Nigel still ALIIIIIIIIIIVE?"

Funniest yet saddest thing ever.

Saturday, TBS was showing Back to the Future, and for the first time in all my 347 viewings, I cried. I freaking cried when George and Lorraine finally kiss, and Marty can play again. What the hell is wrong with me?

Pray for me tomorrow, y'all.
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We are back to having nothing to do all day. It's almost 11 and I can't expect any more work before at least 1. Then I'll have it all done within 30 minutes and be stuck again till 4.

This is excruciating.

I brought the latest Inspector Lynley I'm reading (I've read the first 8 in a month; I rule!) and it's good, and I really shouldn't feel guilty reading when there is NOTHING ELSE FOR ME TO DO, but I do.

S converted me into a 'Kill Bill' fan over the weekend. I didn't see the first one with him, because I had absolutely no interest in it. I like Quentin Tarantino and everything, but the previews looked so unappealing. But S ended up buying it over the weekend, and I felt it was only fair to at least give it a chance.

Well, I was hooked within, like, two minutes. I loved it! We saw Vol. 2 Saturday night. I liked both parts equally, for different reasons. And I am officially an Uma Thurman fan now. I kinda sorta liked her before, but she kicked so much ass as the Bride.

Anyway, since I acquiesced to 'Kill Bill,' S has agreed to go with me to see '13 Going On 30.' I'm not sure this is much of a sacrifice for him, though, seeing as he was an 'Alias' fan before me, and I'm pretty sure Jennifer Garner is his secret girlfriend.

S also bought me the best of the Moody Blues and a compilation of the Who, so I am making my classic rock-loving dad proud today by rocking like it's 1973.
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A while back I was bitching because I didn't have anything to do and it was driving me crazy. Then a co-worker and I got stuck on a project that sucked. Then the project was over, and I was happy.

Then the coordinators of the project came back and said, "Hey, great work, Elizabeth and Janie, but there were a couple more things we decided to have you do on the project. Can you do them now?" And then we did that, and it sucked. But then it was over, and we were really happy.

Then the coordinators came back today, and they said, "Hey, Elizabeth and Janie! Super work you did on that project that we told you was finished. We have lots more we decided to have you do. Can you do it all now?" And then Elizabeth and Janie bent their foreheads toward the ground and applied them to their desktops. Over and over. In rapid succession.

Seriously, I know I was bitching about not having anything to do, and this project keeps me so busy that the day flies by, which is nice, but still, it bites the big one. It is so tedious and mind-numbing, and I can guarantee myself a headache so raging and furious it makes me nauseous by the end of every day. Remind me again why I'm not in a job that at least challenges me a little.

So basically, you can't please me either way. Too much work, not enough, I don't like it, work sucks, I wanna go home, wah wah wah.

* * *

This song always reminds me of that episode of MSCL when Rickie busts a move with Delia at the school dance. I love that episode.
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Totally with [livejournal.com profile] kiss_me_cassie: I am BORED. Nothing to do at work today. My day will likely be peppered with entries like this. I'm listening to Audioslave. I so badly want to scream with Chris. In a good way. Like scream-singing. That's the frustrating thing about listening to music on my headphones at work: I'm a singer. A bad one, but a singer nonetheless. Give me a song I love--or even one I don't, as long as I know the words--and I'll sing my little heart out. Well--sing, whine, wail, scream, coo, croon, whatever the song calls for. Right now, I so want to be standing up on my desk and throwing my arms up in the air,and bellowing, "IIIIIIIIIN YOUR HOOOOOOOOOOUSE
ALOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONE" Inwardly, I am doing exactly that. But it's just not the same.


Feb. 23rd, 2004 04:15 pm
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I am going INSAAAAAAAAAAAANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have done probably a total of 1 hour and 15 minutes of work, and that's a generous estimate. The rest of the time I've killed online and with books and magazines, and let me just say, 'Cosmo', 'Elle', 'Redbook', and 'Glamour' are basically the same magazines--none of them especially entertaining.

I brought 'Peter Pan' to read (hush yo' mouth), but of course, I finished that, like, AGES AGO!

Seriously, I am just climbing the walls over here. I don't exactly want a cut in pay, but I would be so much better off at home right now, watching sitcom re-runs and cleaning the apartment. Can't they send me home or something? I'm about to go completely round the twist.

Does anyone have anything fun that I can check out online? Good fanfic (other than WW or XMen, which I have been reading for years and have gotten through most of the good stuff?) Maybe some 'Sports Night' fic? (Apart from Jo & Ryo's cross-overs and 'Mend', which I've read many times over, bless them)? Some good articles online? A fun game to play? Quizzes to take? A personality test? An IQ test? A Teen Beat site? Anything?!

Y'all have been so kind in the past, and I swear I am thisclose to tearing some follicles out in desperation. And the rest of the week is not shaping up to be much better.

I mean, I know not being inundated with work is a blessing in many ways. I, too, have known what it is to struggle to keep your head above water. Not having anything to do is way down on The List of Life's Grievances, but 6+ hours at work twirling my thumbs? Excruciating.

::howl of frustration::
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I passed the stupid, pointless, ridiculous test. Hurrah hurrah hurrah! I owe you fine people a debt of gratitude ;-)

Our company does this annual testing process that is totally pointless. There is a series of at least four or five tests you take, depending on your department, and you keep taking them until you pass them all. It's stupid and counter-productive, and I've been doing this for 6 years, so I think I can manage my job, thanks.

Anyway, the 'test' I was stressing about was a simulated phone call with a fake customer. It has no bearing whatsoever on my actual job, but this company is stupid, so whatever. And I failed it the first time. Because I APOLOGIZED too much. Yeah. Go figure. And I'd passed all the others with no problem and was really not looking forward to taking this one over and over till I got it right. Plus they put this incredible amount of pressure on us, and I'm all, "Hello? It isn't even something we have to DO. EVER."

So I passed. I'm pleased. Thank you.
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Hey, I could really use some good thoughts on a stupid work test I just had to take. If anyone can take two seconds out of their day to plead with the deity of their choosing: "Please let Janie pass the stupid, pointless, ridiculous test that has no bearing on her job, and yet affects her pay and standing within the department, and that she REALLY doesn't want to have to re-take", I would be eternally grateful.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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She made me all these pretty new icons. Which to use first, which to use first...?

Now she should make us all an icon that says "Em Meredith: Icon-Making Goddess".

All hail Em!

In other news, I got my yearly review today. A direct quote:

Janie is an independent worker and sometimes has to work hard at her two-way communication with others. In 2003, I observed Janie making attempts to broaden her communications with both peers and management. Janie gave great efforts!!!!

So I guess she's finally happy with my interactions with others. First time in my life I'd been told being an independent worker was a bad thing. I think she wants to groom me for management. Not happening.


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