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Had a good weekend. We did absolutely nothing. Nothing. We were broke, for one thing, and feeling incredibly lazy for another. I spent the weekend working on a short story, baking cookies, playing with Murray, and watching 'The Office.'

I watched 'Gidget' on AMC yesterday. I was surprised how much of it I remembered: How Gidget got her name ("She's a girl and she's a midget: Gidget!"), Moondoggie, the Big Kahuna, the big luau where Gidget tries to make Moondoggie jealous, the blind date at the end, and Moondoggie giving Gidget his fraternity pin. I love those cheesy old 50s/60s movies: Gidget, Tammy, the beach party flicks, anything with Tommy Kirk.

Now I've started calling Murray 'Moondoggie'.

* * *

Big hugs to [livejournal.com profile] kiss_me_cassie. *mwah!*
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Nothing exciting planned for the weekend. We gave S's mom my copy of S1 of 'The Office' so that I could justify getting the complete series (with Christmas special), and I think I'll make a point of picking that up this weekend. ::nods:: That's the only real 'plan' for the weekend.

We might go trolling used bookstores. Because we need more books, you see. The Crazy Book People always need more books. Piles of books on the library floor, and in every room of the apartment--including both bathrooms--are just not enough, you see.

I still maintain that there will be an Oprah special about us one day, a profile on the married couple that were crushed to death by a gigantic stack of unshelved books. A warning to other bibliophiles for those who love not too wisely, but too well.

In other news, Furry Murray, the fuzzy little sausage, is behaving much better. I think he was wanting attention, even more than he usually gets. Now we can leave him in the hallway without worrying we'll find special little Murray deposits all over the carpet.

That's Furry Murray in my icon, with his enemy, the stuffed mouse.

(Not to my surprise, I got sick of all the yellow in my layout. It was too bright and chipper for me. This one is better: nice and mellow.
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We are going out for dinner with friends tonight, and then to see 'King Arthur.' I love the Arthurian legend, and of course, anything set in England is given a chance, but I must confess a great deal of what draws me is the idea of Clive Owen and Ioan Gruffudd. Together. In one movie. Be still, my heart.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Next Monday I join you in the land of the employed :)

PS. Who else loves my lovely new icon? That is my favorit Col. Brandon moment from the movie. I swoon every time.


Apr. 30th, 2004 10:02 am
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Since the Friday Five is still MIA today, this is my oh-so fascinating list of things I want to do this weekend:

Prepare to be captivated )


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