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Ha ha ha ha ha ha! [livejournal.com profile] mcsister, have we NOT been saying this for YEARS now? Emma Thompson is cinema's best crier.

If Last Chance Harvey is here next weekend, we HAVE to see it.


Dec. 16th, 2008 11:22 pm
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The second best thing I've seen today, after the new Wolverine trailer:

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When you see this, quote Leo McGarry.

There are a lot that came to mind--the funny ones, especially; John Spencer was so brilliantly funny--but this is the one I went with. It's one of my top favorites. The whole scene is wonderful, a classic Leo moment, in my opinion: a little humor, some humility, and a lot of humanity.

LEO: Karen, what you did caused a lot of problems, for me, for the President, and for a lot of people we don't even know. But I'm not sure it wasn't a little bit brave. Did you like working at the White House?

KAREN: Yes, sir.

LEO: Okay. Then why don't you go unpack your carton and you and I will give each other a second chance?
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Hugh Jackman to host next year's Oscars.

Quite the departure from the usual comedians they use, and I must say I quite heartily approve. He's funny and very charismatic and charming. I bet he can pull it off.

Also he will look TOTALLY HOT in a tuxedo.
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Pictures of the gingerbread house are forthcoming (and I am just tickled that some of y'all asked to see), but in the meantime wanted to share the love with my fellow procrastinators:

Has anyone heard of Free Shipping Day? Apparently it's a yearly occurrence--a ton of retailers decide on the absolute last day they can guarantee shipping by Christmas, and they offer free shipping on that day only. This year the day is December 18th, and there are already like 50 or 60 merchants listed, among them Target, Sears, Crate & Barrel, the Body Shop, Victoria's Secret, and on and on.

From the site:

What is Free Shipping Day?
Thursday, December 18th, 2008 is Free Shipping Day. It's a day when participating merchants give free shipping to online shoppers with guaranteed delivery by Christmas Eve.

Free Shipping Day is the last chance for many procrastinators.

I don't know if the merchants will specify only certain items, but it doesn't sound like it, and either way it's a pretty cool deal. I mean, I personally, of course, would never need last-minute shopping deals, but just in case some of you aren't as on the ball as I am ::cough:: ...

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Small Anne: I want the lamp on.

Me: We don't need the lamp on, it's bright outside and that makes it bright in the house.

Small Anne: Why is it bright outside?

Me: Because the sun is out. It's daytime.

Small Anne: But I don't want it to be daytime. I want it to be nighttime. I want it to be nighttime right nooooooooooooooooooooow.


Dec. 5th, 2008 08:52 am
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Isn't this a nice way to start the morning?

New promo pics from 'Wolverine'.
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Uhhh... I don't know what Small Anne did to my computer, but all my desktop icons are gone. Like, my desktop is completely blank except for my wallpaper.

Everything is working fine, and I'm not overly concerned with most of the icons, they were just shortcuts and such. But how did my "My Computer" and "Recycle Bin" icons disappear? I thought that wasn't possible. And I can't get them back. Am inept.

ETA: Never mind. Figured it out. Am GENIUS!!!
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Since I haven't been felled by some sort of dramatic illness-slash-surgery & recovery, I can finally breathe easy. (Hee.) Which means it's time to start my Christmas shopping.

This year our budget is tight, like most other people, and I've never felt the need to go overboard anyway. I'm focusing on the kids this year, and for the first time I'm mapping out a battle plan. Usually I'm very fly-by-the-seat-of-my pants: I shop at random stores, get what looks good, and I'm done. Now I'm actually making a list, checking out websites, doing what I guess would be called comparison shopping. It's totally foreign to me, but I'm getting the hang of it.

I'm watching tonight's Eli Stone and feeling really sad it's almost over. Pushing Daisies is on its last legs. I've lost interest in Brothers & Sisters. I have no dramas left. This is a bummer.


Nov. 26th, 2008 10:35 am
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Duuuuuude. Robin is pregnant too?

This should make for an interesting season of HIMYM.
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Eeeeeeeee! Two trailers for Half-Blood Prince: here. It looks SO good.

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] kelbelle and [livejournal.com profile] mcsister, I was reminded that were it not for sucky powers-that-be, I could be watching HBP this weekend, instead of clumsy Mary Sues and sparkly vampires. So then I was all depressed, but these trailers help a little. ::grin::

Come on, July!!!
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Colin Powell endorses Obama.

I'm thinking this carries more weight than Lieberman speaking at the RNC, y/n?
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Seen today on a local optometrist's sign: (I wish I'd had a camera)


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Veddy, veddy interesting op-ed on the Karolyis and their accusations of underage gymnasts: Karolyis' sour grapes makes bad whine.

I know nothing about anything, so I am not qualified to say, but it's an interesting opinion nonetheless. Lord knows the Karolyis have not been without controversy themselves.

But, Martha? Sorry, it was not "a close fight." I wish it had been.

PS. Did anyone else ever see that Nadia Comaneci biopic? It came on TV several times when I was about 7 or 8, and I remember my friends and I recorded it and we must've watched that sucker a hundred times; we always pretended to be gymnasts after that.

The scene where she accidentally drinks the bleach is the one that still sticks in my mind 20 years later.


Mar. 28th, 2008 11:27 pm
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I just watched last night's Eli Stone.

Eli called SpyDaddy a fanboy.

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I can't believe Heath Ledger is dead. I've always really, really liked him.

His poor family. His poor little baby girl.


Nov. 19th, 2007 11:14 pm
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I've had my main Gmail account for over three years. I have never used it anywhere online, not even for secured websites. I have never gotten a speck of spam there before. Today I've gotten more than 30.


I knew it was too good to last.


Oct. 29th, 2007 08:37 pm
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It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is on tomorrow night, 8/7C on ABC.

The holidays are heeeeeeeeeeeeeere!
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The day is nearly done, but I hope I'm not too late to wish [livejournal.com profile] em_meredith a very happy birthday! Hugs and Small Anne smooshes to you. You deserve the very best. Hope the day has been good to you.


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